Monday, January 4, 2010

Mr. Puddin' Belly II

Just about a year ago, I wrote a blog on my work to lose some weight (see Mr. Puddin' Belly). As they say, it's now time to face the piper and to pay the truth. Did I ever reach my weight goal (190 to 195 lbs)? If not, what happened? If I did, how well did I do in maintaining and/or controlling my girth? Enquiring minds want to know? Well, the follow graph shows the full, unbiased truth. I have plotted my weight as a function of day. First you will note that as each data point represents a workout, I have been very good about maintaining the frequency of my workouts. Also, my workouts last for at least 45 minutes and with each one, I burn between 850 and 900 calories.

The good news is that, indeed, I reached my weight goal. This occurred roughly in the third week of March 2009. I was able to maintain my weight in my target range for about 2 months before it started to increase slowly and steadily. So what happened? Well, I had been on the South Beach Diet for most of the first part of 2009. When I stopped this diet, I thought that I had modified my intake sufficiently that I could maintain my weight. To be clear, I thought that my eating habits were pretty good before I even started on South Beach. I do have a weakness for potato chips and I like a few spoonfuls of sugar in my coffee, but I limit red meats and fat. Obviously some aspect of my diet was leading to weight gain.

Starting in the middle of November 2009, I made two simple changes. First I went to using fake sugar in my coffee (Stevia extract) and I replaced the bread in my lunch time sandwiches with tortillas. You will note that since this change (at Day ~500), I have lost 3 lbs. Hopefully I can get my weight back to where I want it to be in the first part of 2010 and find a way to live with a diet that will not make me feel guilty for everything I eat. Clearly, for me, my weight has more to do with what I eat than how often and how long I exercise.