Saturday, January 23, 2010


Writing for me has always been a cathartic and healing activity. It allows small seeds of insight or inspiration within my mind to blossom into realities of understanding or conviction. My writing gives me courage and clarity of thought to express what I could not through the spoken word. Cornered and pressed, I become mute, paralyzed, and deaf. Given time by myself to ponder, my pen pulses with activity and life and depth and considered emotion. It's a medium for expressing my mind and my heart through the blues, the reds, the greens, and the blacks of life.

I once read about the internal conflicts within the band Fleetwood Mac during the preparation of their album Rumors. The plot lines involved make your typical soap opera script look tame and unimaginative. However, out of that conflict came an album that, at one point in time, was the biggest selling in the history of music. The creativity and musicianship and brilliance displayed, was only one part talent, but two parts emotion and release.

So, you see, I write my blog not just for fun and hobby, but to experience that healthy and healing release needed to clear my mind and my soul. My topics are usually not chosen at random or capriciously. In fact, I can write about some of the most personal emotions and thoughts that I possess, but couch them in a way that they are hidden just below the surface. This is a bit of a self-protection mechanism I guess. However, oftentimes, my thoughts and my mood are more obvious. So, what have you noticed here in the past week?