Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Defining Moment (More)

Yesterday's post (see Defining Moment) was meant to be a standalone entry as I awaited my appointment with my onchologist. I ended the blog with the statement "Today will be a defining moment of who I am no matter the outcome." After letting that statement sit out there for a bit, I convinced myself to say just a few more words on my own thoughts.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of my dear friend Paul (who just so happens to be an A+ pastor), I have learned a bit about what it means to be a Christian. Not a Christian who is defined by his attendance at Sunday worship, but a Christian who has developed a strong relationship with the most high God. When you have seen some of the things that I have seen and lived through some of the situations that I have lived through, you develop a deep trust in Him (well, at least in some areas of your life). This trust was behind my statement from yesterday's post.

Let's consider the two possible outcomes of a cancer check. The first is that you are found to be free of the disease. In this case a prayer of thanksgiving and praise is in order. Thank you Lord for looking over me and keeping me healthy for another season of my life. The second outcome is that the disease is back. This represents the perfect opportunity to trust God with everything that you have that the surgery and your recovery will go well. It is the time to demonstrate your Christian mettle. All talk and no belief makes for a christian, not a Christian.

By the way, the above paragraphs were written before my appointment. Now, after the appointment, I know that I was fully prepared for either outcome. As of now, I have been given a clean bill of health. Praise God.