Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Kiss

Butterflies fill the air as they exchange their first words in this new way. The uneasiness and trepidation initially present, slowly ebbs and subsides into the aether as the two friends become something more, something deeper. Thoughts and questions and feelings that had built up over the years, finally able to be expressed aloud to the other. Eyes meet and looks linger. Hearts are slowly opened and minds connect. Laughter and conversation and coffee build a foundation for, perhaps, something more. The coffee shop closes, but the night is still too young. Neither is ready or willing to let this magic come to an end. Walking and talking. Sharing dreams and hopes. The past, the present, and the future. Finally, the hour grows late and the reality of tomorrow's responsibilities must take precedence over the reverie of the evening. No, ..., too soon. Shhh, another night. For now, a simple, intimate kiss under the moonlight will bring this night to an end. It has, for now, acted as a panacea for every hurt, pain, burden, and wound they were bearing just a few hours earlier. A simple kiss brings these souls closer and connects them in a way that, heretofore, they had only let themselves ponder in their dreams.