Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Set and Met!

Several weeks ago I posted a blog entitled Mr. Puddin' Belly about my effort to lose weight. My goal at the beginning of this long road was to get my weight down to 195 lbs. Well, it happened this morning. I stood on the scale and saw the reading, 195.0! I was finally there. I had reached my destination. What seemed impossible just 24 lbs and 210 days ago, had finally occurred. This was cause for celebration, recognition that determination, will power, hard work, and dedication had paid off. A clear ringing message that goals can be set, and by working with purpose and dogged effort, they can be met.

Throughout my life I have set goals for myself. I think for the most part that I have been able accomplish what I set out to do. However, I have never really taken the time to stop and celebrate my accomplishments. Maybe I thought that the goals that I reached were nothing to get too excited about because they were just stepping-stones to an even bigger, more important accomplishment that laid ahead. I now understand that taking a step back and celebrating with your friends and loved ones is important. It is not a moment for prideful boasting or to set yourself up on a pedestal for those around you to kneel down to. It is a moment to reflect on the journey, to be satisfied with hard effort and honest work, and to give thanks.