Saturday, February 14, 2009

Round Number

Why do we like round numbers? What is so special about those that end in 0 or 00 or 000? Something inside of us recognizes these as milestones. 500 home runs, 30000 points, 100 goals. On the talk-radio sports outlets I have heard many commentators remark that 300 wins for a pitcher in baseball is the new threshold for enshrinement in Cooperstown, the baseball hall of fame. What about the poor schlep who ended his career at 299? I know it's not fair, but somehow, this isn't quite the same, not as special, not deserving of the same amount of respect or glory. So today you are reading a special milestone for this blog. This is my 100th posting. To the casual reader, yesterday's blog and tomorrow's blog entries will not been seen as that big a deal, but today's deserves a hearty congratulations. That's O.K. with me. Each entry that I have made from #1 Here's a Start to #99 Hare Raising is important to me. Each is a part of me. I have tackled a wide range of topics, some deadly serious, some humorous, some inane, some controversial. Several posts were aimed at others and several were just for me. My mind is full of ideas and topics, things I want to challenge myself with, things I want to share. Thanks to those who got me started, to those who encouraged me, to those who took the time to read, and to those who weighed in with their thoughts, opinions, and wisdom. Much more to come in the days ahead. Blessings my friends.