Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Old Man Transition

When did I become a wrinkled old man-hag? Why have my trousers slowly inched up from my waist to above my stomach? Come to think of it, where did all these Bermuda shorts and black socks come from? Some transition has happened and I must have been dozing off or eating luke warm oatmeal when it occurred. Actually I first noticed all of these changes just this morning. I was logged onto my Facebook account. Those of you who use this "social networking" site realize that, based on a 100% scientifically accurate system, they post ads consistent with your user profile. It was these danged ads that revealed my geriatric condition. I see listings for male potency products, walkers and canes, electric scooters, dentures, and ads for elderly women seeking "company". As I realized what was going on, what these ads were trying to tell me, I rushed to study my face in the mirror. Yes, yes, lots of wrinkles, ear and nose hair, wild eyebrows, pasty white legs. My, those Facebook whippersnappers were accurate. I am old, my youth has departed, and would somebody tell me what those hellions are doing on my lawn.