Monday, February 23, 2009

House II

I show up in my usual attire, blue jeans and a polo shirt. I carry with me a small attache case containing a rather sizable amount of money in the form of a cashier's check. Money that I had been saving for this very moment, this opportunity. Am I nervous? Maybe, to some degree. I guess that I have a few butterflies within my gut, but perhaps, this is just to connect me to the moment. I don't want to miss it. It could all too easily melt into a stack of legal-looking documents that require my signature. In reality, it is taking some level of possession of a solidly built brick structure. This structure will be transformed over the coming months from just a building to my home. In the possibly chaotic transition from my old apartment to my new house, I look forward to some of the little decisions, such as choosing where the silverware drawer will be, which shelf to put the bathroom towels on, where to position our sets of wind chimes. I will get to know where the light switches are, the best way into the kitchen, exactly where I want to place the couch. Beyond this period, I look forward to sitting down with our lunches and dinners laid out on the coffee table and just relaxing while watching our favorite shows or talking together. A sense of normalcy and routine returning to how we plan our days. I look forward to the new streets and houses becoming familiar landmarks on my journeys out and back. As of today, it is mine and I look forward to the future in this place and I pray that God will bless our time here.

Part 2 of a moving 6 part series.