Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Fi5th Gospel

I was turned onto a devotional entitled The Fi5th Gospel by my online friend (and pastor) Bill. This book was written by pastor Bobby Conway. The title may seem a bit curious as the New Testament in the Christian bible contains only four "Gospel" books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. So what is this business of the "fifth" (stylized as "fi5th") gospel? Conway explains that this notion of a fifth Gospel is meant to be an incarnation of how Christians live out the good news declared in the four Gospel books. Just as the four Gospels of the bible point people to Jesus, so too should each of our own lives. Conway notes two important points that form the basis for his devotional,

#1 - We often forget that Christianity is not a philosophy to be argued but a Person to be known.

#2 - People generally have a skewed mental portrait of God. And, for better or worse, that perception is largely formed by their interaction with Christians.

This devotional is designed to not only point each of us Christians to Jesus, or at least point each of us Christians more toward Jesus, but moreso to give Christians a way to help point non-Christians toward Jesus. Each chapter confronts a different area of relevance that can be considered for individuals or for small groups. Conway's advice is consistently practical, consistently realistic, and consistently biblical. If you are looking for a spark to rekindle your approach or just a devotional to keep you thinking straight, this might just be a book that you will enjoy.