Thursday, January 29, 2015

Absurdities 2

I have a lingering collection of things that I have stumbled across in my travels and daily life that have made me laugh or shake my head whilst uttering expressions such as, "What has this world come to?". In this series I share the absurdities with you. Enjoy.
  • From the files of folks who have way too much time on their hands, I give you an announcement of the "Annual meeting of Abe Lincoln impersonators" (for those who think that I am making this up, see the story).
  • Folks can get awfully melancholy when their sports heroes can no longer perform as they once did. I was given a harsh reminder when I saw the following mid-game box score for a recent Lakers game:
  • The following sports headline put a wacky image in my head of a watermelon smashing, mustachioed bald guy affecting the outcome of a NHL game:
  • To folks who claim that I have used a word incorrectly, I glibly reply, "A language is defined by its usage." My own retort has come back to haunt me as it was just announced that the fine folks at Oxford have added the word, "al deskco" to their dictionary. Its definition is one who eats lunch at their desk. Perhaps, just perhaps, we have enough words already.