Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Hey. Can you believe that we are at the start of another year? ... I know. I shouldn't be surprised that after the passing of 365 days, we are starting the Gregorian cycle anew. ... Yes, I understand that is fully according to convention and expectation. ... But, don't you feel something entincing about the opportunity to start again with a blank slate, even if it is a bit contrived? ... Oh, of course not. I should have realized ...

Folks, for me there always seems to be an odd feeling in my tummy as one year passes through complete and another starts on its way. Another trip around the sun as they say. Another chance to give this whole life thing a better go. Perhaps that odd feeling is hope, perhaps promise, perhaps eagerness. However, I hope that wherever you find yourself today, this year truly is your best one yet. Smile more. Love more. Celebrate more. Less excuses. That sounds like a template that should net an improved showing.

As for me, my new year tends to get off to a great start as I celebrate the birthday of my daughter, born on this day 17 years ago. Happy birthday angel face.