Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Same Old, Same Old

... How's it going? ...
Same old, same old ...

The expression "same old, same old" is one of those idioms whose utterance always seems to be preceded by a melancholy sigh. It is used to express the lament that things in our life are pretty much in the same ho hum condition that they always seem to be in. It's funny that I can live two days that to any casual observer look pretty much the same. I get up, go to work, come home, and go to bed, yet they can leave me feeling very different inside. While I have not been able to pinpoint the underlying reasons for what accounts for the difference, it usually seems to result from very small things.
  • I was a bit depressed when I got home and kind of forced myself to make the dinner that I had planned. As I ate it in front of the T.V. I found a moment of contentedness.
  • My daughter calls me unexpectedly and we talk for only a few minutes, but it makes me feel less alone.
  • I exercise and my mind slowly lets go of all the stressful thoughts that it was clinging to.
  • I meet a friend for coffee and we talk about nothing and everything.
  • I have time in the evening to sit outside and read my book for a few moments and a feeling of peace seems to settle on me.
Sometimes my life may be the same old, same old, but when I can somehow get my mind to relax for even a short while, things somehow don't seem as bad or as frightening or as haunting. I feel more connected to the world, more satisfied, more accepted and more accepting. It's too bad there isn't a potion to bring these feelings on more regularly.