Monday, August 26, 2013

Grind My Gears 34

Mid-level administrators cheese me off. They grind my gears to unprecedented levels. As they have far too much time on their hands, they don't do anything except sit around and pass ill-considered edicts that serve only to annoy. They are the gnats of the management hierarchy. I mean, high-level administrators feel that they are too highly paid to actually do any work. As
they are at the top of the food chain, they don't even feel that they need to show up before noon because they still have all afternoon to arbitrarily fire people and cut benefits. Because of their absolute power, they are untouchable. The low level administrators are easily ignored and shunned. They are the cockroaches of the management chain and flee when exposed to the light. As such they are irrelevant. But mid-level administrators feel that they need to do something, ..., anything to justify their existence. So they love to make a big deal about enacting the most inane and short-sighted rules and policies that not only serve to generate waste and inefficiency, but they actually serve to make the workplace less safe. For example, at my work site, they have set up a firm "no passing" rule on the roadways. It is bad enough if you get stuck behind some cretin cruising along at 5 mph in one of our golf carts, but the other day I was stuck behind some real bed-wetter on a leisurely stroll on his old-timey bicycle. I would have gone right around him, leaving only a threatening 1 inch gap between his thin layer of gabardine and my right-front bumper, just so he would be nervous enough to stain his shorts. However, directly behind him was a golf cart of these rule-enacting goons, happy to kill 30 minutes of their pathetic day to get between one building and the next.