Thursday, August 15, 2013


A friend and I were discussing the advice that blogging professionals often give on how to build up the number of followers on your blog. A frequent thing that you will hear is to stick to one topic, otherwise folks will get confused on your message and they won't hang around for very long. If you want a blog site to develop around the riveting topic of folk-style basket weaving or Mojave Indian death dirges, consistently stay on point. After considering this sage wisdom from folks who have successfully developed sites with a following that is comically large, I can only say, no thanks. I am happy with the freedom that I have to bounce all over the map like an over-caffeinated gerbil. Consider my topics for the past two months:
  1. Discussion - 1 post
  2. Book review - 16 posts
  3. Self-reflection - 4 posts
  4. Life lesson - 14 posts
  5. Anecdote - 3 posts
  6. Silliness - 4 posts
  7. Music review - 2 posts
  8. Religion - 4 posts
  9. Random - 5 posts
  10. Lament - 5 posts
  11. Holiday - 2 posts
Some of my posts are serious, some somber, some sweet, and some humorous. I have the freedom to talk about what topic crosses my mind in any format or style that inspires me. Looking at my blog page, there is a display that shows I have 34 followers. Most of these are folks who clicked on the "follow" button, but have long since moved on. That is O.K.. I am not deluded enough to believe that my point of view is for everyone. However, I am thankful for the folks who stop by and exchange a word or two with me on a regular basis.