Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Twist and Distort

I wrote a recent post entitled Excerpt where I focussed on a passage written by C.S. Lewis. In summary, he stated that every sin we commit is a distortion of an energy God-breathed into us. It was such a powerful paragraph in how it spoke to me and how it engaged my mind. Recently I was reading the book Reaching for the Invisible God by Philip Yancey, who liberally sprinkles his own works with references to C.S. Lewis, who wrote about the same notion, but from a slightly different angle.

"In our own times, technology repeats the cycle of Adam and Eve, Prometheus, Icarus, and Pandora. We master the atom and nearly obliterate ourselves. We learn the secrets of life only to develop techniques to destroy the unborn and the aging. We tame the Great Plains with agriculture and cause dust bowls, harvest rain forests and create floods, harness internal combustion and melt the icecaps. We link the world on an Internet only to find that the most downloaded items are pornographic. Every advance introduces yet another fall."

It seems that for every step forward we take, humanity takes two or three steps back. Instead of coming together and multiplying peace, love, and fellowship, we use every advancement to try to consolidate our power, to increase our pleasure, to maximize our profit. We seem to naturally twist and distort everything that comes our way.