Monday, June 11, 2012

Two Wrongs

Today's post is essentially an attempt to write right two wrongs. The first was a "wrong" on the part of my blogging friend Ricky, who posts (or posted?) at The second was a "wrong" that I committed that has just been eating at me to the point of distraction. Hopefully by the end of this post I can come through like the tight-wearing, cape-sporting superhero that I pretend to be when I am certain that nobody will see me (but that topic is for another post).

Wrong #1 - Ricky stated in a recent post that he is not the man that he would like to be. He went on to state that the person who he would like to be is probably named Jack. Being a high-brow sort, the comment that I left on his blog was an attempt at humour (note the erudite addition of a spurious "u" in my spelling). I said, "You don't know Jack!" The truth is that the person Ricky would like to become should have a name like "Randolph Mantooth". Even though that is already someone's real name, it is much cooler than "Jack".

Wrong #2 - Face it, my reply to Ricky of "You don't know Jack!" was wrong on so many levels. In fact, I will apply one of my own sayings to myself (that I normally reserve for others), "I couldn't have been more wrong." I should have said, "You don't know Mantooth!" Now that is a comment reply with bite.