Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mr. Anchorman

Looking over the news headlines on any given day you will see links to stories that will leave you sickened. Too much killing, too much senselessness, too much power in the hands of tyrants and fools. It is enough to make you want to ignore the happenings in the larger world and just focus on the little space that surrounds you where you have some influence and make the decisions. Decisions like whether you would like Mountain Dew with your Cheesy Poofs for a T.V.-time snack. Yet, just when you think that all the news-gathering organizations really care about is painting the world darker shades of black, you stumble across a few stories that give you a smile that at least lasts as long as it takes your eyes to wander off to the next headline.

Just the other day, a quick perusal of cnn.com turned up the following delicious headline nuggets:
  • Vote for me, I rode an ostrich.
  • 7 reasons why you should never fight a bouncer.
  • Why 5 guys, 1 goat walk 2000 miles.
  • Elephant uses smartphone.
  • Fish snags vet's prosthetic arm.
  • Naked man chews off guy's face.
  • Woman fired for being too hot.
  • Plans for pole dancing in the Olympics.
  • Software picks out fake smiles.
  • Did bath salts spur zombie attack?
Maybe these little bits of levity can help to offset the bigger headlines, even just a little.