Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hagion is the Greek word for sanctuary. In the Bible, a sanctuary is understood to be a sacred or holy place. In the Old Testament it refers to the temple built by Solomon as God's dwelling place on Earth. However, it can also refer to a special place that affords protection, comfort, and peace. Of course, what is a place of sanctuary to one person may be unwelcoming to another. It is one of those concepts that is in the eye of the beholder. For some folks it may a walking trail in their neighborhood park, or the cabin that they rent for a week each summer, or a bathroom that can serve as a place to get away and think when life's cauldron begins to bubble. For me, my sanctuary, at least during the times of the year when it is nice to sit outside, is my porch. I like to take my books out there and spend an hour or two just giving my mind its head as it were. There I can let go of anxiety, worry, frustration, and the perpetual din that always seems to be astir within me. It's a place where my mind seems to work and process most efficiently. Of course, my most favorite times sitting in my sanctuary are when my daughter is laying in her hammock next to me reading her book or chatting away with me about her thoughts.