Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There are a couple of preachers that I know (P, S, and R) who have consistently amazed me with how they approach delivering their Sunday sermons. They always seem to be filled with passion, purpose, and mission. One might expect this when their buildings are full and it is standing room only. However, the thing that has made an impression with me is how they teach when the room is mostly empty. Nothing seems to be any different in their attitude or in their body language. I have never sensed that a small attendance service frustrated them or made them feel the least bit awkward.

To me, it seems that these moments where the sanctuary is nearly empty could give rise to feelings of self-doubt, or anxiety, or loss of focus. It could cause them to slip off their game or to phone it in. Yet I have never seen even the slightest suggestion that they were the least bit bothered. They went about their business.

While this post has focused on a specific scenario, I think the consistency that has been demonstrated by these men of service in season or out, is a wonderful model for all of us at whatever we do.