Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's easy to be in and around your friends, to enjoy their company and the time spent with them, and somehow still not fully appreciate them for what they can bring to your life. As a Christian, I have long struggled with putting my faith into action. It is easy for me to study the Word and wrestle with it on a purely intellectual, literary level. Yet a faith that is confined solely to abstract metaphysical approaches, is not a rich or ingrained set of beliefs. Furthermore, it doesn't take a great amount of study of the Bible to see that this sort of approach is clearly not a life of obedience to the teachings of Jesus Christ. A quick reading of the New Testament book of James is a great place to start.

However, I have interacted with several couples over the past few years who have modeled for me in a very practical way, how our faith can be lived out, how it should affect our thinking, our interactions, and how we handle our finances. ... B&H ... D&A ... R&S ... R&M ... real people, who have had a very real impact on my life, in a way that I hope can be witnessed from the outside looking in. Perhaps, they have helped me to develop to a level in which my behavior can serve as an example to others and help shape their behavior.