Monday, March 19, 2012


The second book in the Pendragon Cycle series by author Stephen Lawhead, entitled Merlin, picks up soon after Taliesin leaves off. This story is told from Merlin's point of view as he grows from a boy into a man. As he distinguishes himself, we bear witness to his developing legacy. We see as he is kidnapped by a primitive by wise group of hill folks, but spared. He spends several years with these people growing and learning. He then is allowed to leave to head back to his own people. Along the way he meets a young woman and falls in love. He then earns his own kingship with his wisdom, his heart, his compassion, and his singular strength as a warrior. His fame and renown spread across all of the lands of Briton as he gives of himself to unite the factious bands of petty kings and lords into a unified front. It is the only way that Briton will survive the hordes of barbarians raping and pillaging the lands.

One high king after another is elevated into that glorious purple throne, only to be unseated through treachery or greed after just a short time. Yet Merlin, who could make a claim to the seat of the high king, renounces this calling. He has been given a sign of a mighty leader who will rise up to be the savior of the lands, the king above all others the land has ever known or will ever know. That leader is a young boy named Arthur, whom Merlin has hidden to protect from the tyranny that would be sure to befall him had his identify been known. Now, onto the third book in the series, Arthur.