Friday, July 22, 2011


A young lady was driving home on a rain-slicked road late one evening. In the car with her was her beloved brother. It seems that she somehow lost control of her car and as she swerved to miss an oncoming vehicle, she drove off the side of a bridge into a river. When she awoke from a month-long coma she learned two startling facts. One was that her memory for the past six months was completely erased. The other was that her brother, although he survived the accident, had suffered severe brain damage. A tragedy to be sure, but there is more to this story. Shauna is the daughter of a powerful senator who is leading in the presidental polls with only weeks to go before the election. Senator Landon McAllister, president of McAllister MediVista, a top pharmaceuticals development company.

Upon emerging from her coma, there stands her loving boyfriend Wayne, but Shauna has no memory of him. He is at once supportive and patient, and at the same moment, always a bit too watchful. As Shauna recovers at the home of her estranged father and her nasty stepmother, Shauna is warned by her housekeeper to be wary of Wayne, who happens to be a top executive at her father's company. Slowly as Shauna starts to do a bit of digging to put her mind and her life back together, she begins to uncover some information that seems to indicate something sinister was afoot in her accident. That, along with the fact that the coma might have been medically induced by MMV doctors. In fact, Shauna believes that whatever drugs she was given were responsible for her memory loss. But why? What did she used to know? What is even stranger and less explainable is that Shauna now seems to have the ability to read people's minds.

Kiss, co-authored by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy, follows the story of Shauna and her pursuit of the truth. The more she learns along the way, the deeper and deeper her troubles become. Money laundering, illegal campaign contributions, human trafficking, frame ups, and murder. Ultimately she finds what she really was after all along, relationship with her father. A feeling of acceptance and trust and love that she had not felt since she was a little girl, since the moment her mother died so many years ago.