Monday, July 25, 2011

Hiding in the Shadows

Not too many folks read my blog regularly and even fewer actually leave a comment on anything that I write. However, I have 3 or 4 who make their presence known. However, I notice that, even with limited statistics to judge the trends, whenever I post on a topic that is either intensely personal (e.g. cancer, loneliness, depression, personal demons) or the least bit socially awkward or controversial (e.g. religion, sex, politics), my comment leavers tend to noticeably shy away. This got me to thinking about why. Why would folks hide in the shadows on some important or interesting topics? Perhaps,
  • They don't really care to get involved with me on a personal or human level. Sometimes relationships have a threshold, above which they get too close for our comfort.
  • They don't want their name associated with controversial issues. They feel the need to protect their reputation, and as such feel the need to very closely guard their tongues.
  • They just don't know what to say to help. Sometimes when someone is in the soup and suffering, a few sentences on a blog seem so, well, impersonal and distant.
  • They don't want to think about complex personal issues. Aren't blogs supposed to be light and humorous? I suspect that most blog visits are made out of a sense of duty or loyalty. I visit their blogs so they feel the need to visit mine. Hey, I don't want to think about anything that requires more than 30 seconds dude.
  • They forgot how to post a reply.
  • They don't want to offend me or make things worse.
Actually there may be other reasons, or the truth involves a combination of reasons. That's O.K. you know. Even just a comment of "hey" can bring a smile.