Friday, July 15, 2011


Today I got to be part of something new and fun. I was asked to host the popular blog of a friend of mine while he is in jail or on vacation or something. The term "host" really means that I write something for someone else's blog. They then collect any and all associated royalties. When you think about it, it really is a raw deal for me, but I digress. If you want to read what I wrote, you can follow the link to my friend's blog (called robshep). My post for him is called What's In It For Me?, and was written on the topic of relationships. Given that I wrote that piece, I can't imagine anyone could reasonably expect me to write a whole 'nother one for my own site. I mean, I'm exhausted and spent and fried after creating such brilliance for my friend's site. I'm not an automaton, just a simple, humble human being. If I am cut, do I not bleed? If I sneeze, need I not a tissue? So, as I am out hosting today, I feel like I should be allowed to relax here. I know, I know. You pine for my writing and feel you now can't leave your computers until you get a new post from me. I get that, I really do. Well, sports fan, you're just gonna have to get a life and wait until Monday morning when I post again. Cheers.