Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Wrap-Up

Now that summer has nearly come to an end and the stench of school hangs in the air like the lunch lady's B.O., it is time to sit back and take stock of the summer highlights. To get a more complete picture of the best of summer, I took the opportunity to ask my daughter what she liked best. I also have prepared my list. To keep this blog finite, I asked both my daughter and myself to limit our top 5 lists to only 5 items.

My daughter's top 5 summer list:
  • Her friend from Ohio visited her and she got to have a sleepover and eat cheese pizza, ... , cheese pizza.
  • She completed reading 4 really good books. (Yeah, this one surprised me too, but it is her list.)
  • She loved swimming in her pool with the new liner.
  • She loves her new blue Nintendo DSi that replaced her old pink Nintendo DS that finally got dropped on the floor once too often. (She promises to be more careful in the future.)
  • She had no homework all summer long.
My top 5 summer list:
  • Getting to have lunch with my daughter during the week.
  • Letting my daughter stay up later than her normal school bed time so that we could have more time together to have fun.
  • Reading outside with my daughter in our screened-in porch while she swang in her hammock.
  • Knowing how thankful my little one was to get her new Nintendo DSi game and how patient she was waiting until it arrived in the mail.
  • Getting to spend leisurely mornings with my daughter.
So, there you have our lists. What were some of summer's best moments for you?