Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Repeal Bible Laws?

There are many laws on the federal and state books that we supposedly must obey, whether we agree with them or not. Disregarding any of them can certainly put your freedom in peril or perhaps merely the amount of cabbage in your wallet. However, given that we live in a democratic society, there are several avenues that we can follow to go about getting certain laws repealed or changed. This type of story is daily fodder for every news outlet.

Today's question is one that I started to ponder recently, and the answer to the question is still in a nascent form in my mind. The question is:

Are there any rules, thou shalts, or thou shalt nots in the Bible that you philosophically disagree with?

Perhaps there are things that you feel were added to the list of sins in God's word primarily through the cultural (i.e. human) viewpoint of the writer that you doubt are truly from God.

The spark for this question came about from an article that I was reading on CNN regarding the gaining world-wide acceptance of gay rights. The fact that more and more of humanity is adopting a new attitude and new opinion on this topic, shows how cultural biases, opinions, and views of bigotry and intolerance can change from age to age. Things that we viewed as strictly verboten centuries ago are now fully accepted without a second thought (like women's rights). The issue of gay rights is just one example. Perhaps you feel that there is language in the Bible concerning the rules of marriage and/or divorce that strikes you as outdated, overstated, impractical, or misguided. Maybe there are other areas.

Of course, we are "stuck" with the Bible and its requirements for the rest of time. There is no going back and rewriting it or protesting or devising alternative interpretations of the text. So, what say you? Anyone have any opinions or thoughts that they would be willing to share (publicly or privately) with me?