Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Taste

For the past several months I have been going a bit out of my way each Saturday afternoon to buy a few fresh tomatoes at my local farmer's market. Big, red, sweet, sun-drenched, vine-ripened beauties. They have been a most welcome part of my lunch this whole summer. Something that I looked forward to all morning long until that noon hour finally came around, giving me license to start my ritualized preparation.

A sharp knife cut nice, thick, juicy slices. A sprinkling of salt and freshly ground pepper, two slices of bread, Hellman's mayo, and two pieces of American cheese. After a few seconds of assembly, voilà, the masterpiece was ready. So yummy. Such an awesome part summer. Part of me wishes I could savor this taste all throughout the year. Spring, summer, fall, and winter. However, I think it is actually better that I only get to enjoy you for a short time so that I will never take you for granted. Now I look forward with longing, ..., until next summer then.