Friday, August 27, 2010

Tape Balls and Other Lessons

Over the years, I have been known by many names. Fuddy duddy, stuffed shirt, kill joy, stick in the mud, ..., grown up. Time after time I find myself high strung and uptight. The anxiety that I feel associated with a potential juice spill on the carpet or a mud stain on a pant leg or a small amount of waste, usually drives me over the top. Too often it has led me to try to control every action of my young daughter. Ultimately, I found myself sucking away her unbridled enthusiasm and elation.

Over the years, thankfully, she has slowly but surely taught me to let go. To learn to embrace the moment and have fun. Go with the flow and let life and moments happen. This includes:
  • My daughter has always loved to play with Scotch tape. To hear her squeals as she "ties" me up is magical. For years, when I heard that sound of tape coming off the roll, all I could think of was the waste. A few $1 rolls of tape given just to her have caused me to smile whenever I see the discarded tape balls that she leaves behind.
  • My daughter loves to splash outside in the rain. The only thing that can make it better for her is to have me watch her frolic around. You know that you can quickly dry clothes in today's modern appliances? The next hurdle for me to cross is to go outside and join her in her dance.
  • My daughter loves when I let her turn the hose on and play with it in the pool. She makes water fountains and sprays herself and me. A few gallons sprayed on the deck for the smiles that she gives me are well worth it.
  • My daughter loves to run through the grass barefoot. Why I always frowned incessantly over this I don't know. I reasoned that I didn't want her to step on something that would hurt her. Now I have learned to let her romp.
  • My daughter loves to eat pudding from a bowl without using a spoon. I have learned that she can quickly clean herself up with a napkin. Her giggles are far less stressful on me than my elevated heart rate.
See, even though I am getting older, I still can learn a few things. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get a coaster under that juice glass, I don't want it to leave a water mark.