Friday, May 7, 2010

Her Place

In many ways and on many levels, a child's bedroom is a wonderful place. To my daughter her room represents so many different and important things ...

It is a place where her imagination at once can bring her to the top of a magical castle to seek out unicorns and rainbows or immediately place her at the controls of an elaborate space cruiser or a silly, bouncy jalopy. Nothing in the entire universe is out of her reach or unobtainable.

It is a place where she can run when she has been hurt emotionally. An impenetrable fortress that is all hers. She can hide out from the world until she has dealt with her feelings or processed her jumbled thoughts.

It is a place where she can experience spectacular adventures in the pages of a book, all the while nestled in the arms of her daddy. A time to dream and live and let the day melt away into sweet kisses and goodnights. She knows that she is safe here. She knows that she is welcome here.

It is a place where she can grow up on her own terms without the pressures of her peers or her daddy. If she wants to be a child, she can be a child. If she wants to be a grown up, she can be a grown up. She controls this space. She decides what will hang up on the walls or how the bookshelves will be arranged or what goes into the different drawers of her dresser or nightstand. This space is one that she has allowed to grow from Winnie to Pooh, to Barbie, to more grown-up tastes and visions. It is a reflection of who she is and who she wants to be.

I like this place best when I can tuck her in at night after a day together, when I can say her prayers with her, read her a story, and kiss her goodnight. No matter when you come, I will always be here and always be ready with a hug and a story and a chance for a new adventure ...