Monday, August 17, 2009

Writing the Story

Here's a story that my daughter relates to me all the time. "Once upon a time, the end." Kind of short and sweet. Not a lot of character development. No pesky loose ends that need tying up. The important thing to keep in mind is that the real story in our lives is one that we get to fill in. How good or bad it is, how much joy and laughter there is, how rich and satisfying it is, is, in large measure, up to us. Certainly there are many things that we cannot control, after all, life can sometimes deal us a seemingly losing hand, or even a larger than normal number of bad breaks, but we get to determine who we are and what defines us. We are able to control how we will interact with the people and situations we encounter. We get to determine if we are a source of light in the world or a source of darkness. These words are true regardless of whether you are employed or unemployed, wealthy or poor, beautiful or homely, fortunate or unfortunate, exceptional or average. Instead of bemoaning your lot in life, wailing and despairing and worrying, move to set these aside and invest in things that will move the dark rain clouds away and bring in the sun. Plant the seeds of today that will become the harvest and sustenance of tomorrow and beyond. The light has great and incalculable healing powers. (Note to self, read the following blog that you just wrote and fully process its message.)