Monday, August 3, 2009

Sound of Your Voice

I was having a rough day. Pressure building up on an assignment at work. Unexpected bills arriving in the mail. The deafening sound of emptiness echoing throughout the house was building. I was deflating quickly. The confining fog of the usual was starting to settle in around me. On the coffee table, my phone sat mocking me in its silence. Dang, not another evening like this. I didn't have the energy or the willpower to consider even making dinner or turning on the TV. It was then that the silence and the routine was unexpectedly broken - broken by a sound that I had to think about for a moment. The playful tune, accompanied by a flashing light, betrayed an incoming call on my phone. I jumped to pick it up before the caller changed their mind or figured that I was not home. Recognizing the number on the caller I.D. I answered and heard the giggly squeal of my little one. "Daddy! I was thinking of you today." Oh how that brief conversation turned my evening around. Suddenly, I was smiling and laughing and alive. The troubles of the day quickly melted away into the aether and were replaced by excited planning of what adventures we would go on tomorrow. As I hung up the phone, I was totally renewed. I made dinner, did some yard work, and even tidied the house up a bit before going to exercise. Wow, the power of love and the sound of your voice.