Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Figiggly Transplant Test

Sometimes the stupidest, most inane things, whether they be in the form of images or written words, can brighten your day and leave you smiling. They can be the best medicine for you. Now admittedly, I have the "humor intelligence" (or humor I.Q. if you will) of a ten-year old boy. I realize that you may not appreciate this fact about me, given that I am usually suave and sophisticated and spouting scientifical-sounding blather. However, I tend to break up in giddy laughter when someone says "duty" or makes an inadvertent potty reference. I like television shows like South Park and Family Guy. They don't require me to think or ask a string of questions late in the episode like "Who is that guy again? Is he the one from earlier? But I thought he was killed by the butler." Some of the silly shows that I watch just make me giggle and brighten my mood. So, today I wanted to post an inane picture from a Family Guy episode where Peter has been hired by the local Walmart (or Walmart-like store) where his daughter is his supervisor. In this scene, he is parading around wearing toilet plungers on his man boobs while saying "It's a little chilly in here, I hope nobody notices". Now if this image doesn't get you to laughing, then I would suggest that you need a transplant of your Figiggly gland (trust me, I'm a doctor you know).