Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Small Part

A cool but unexpected moment occurred a couple of weeks ago at the WEC six-year anniversary service. The WEC staff had put together a video montage of the past year. They showed this on the video screen before the start of lead pastor Stu Hodges' talk. It was a fun trip through the highlights at WEC for the past year, as well as the weekly theme arcs. It was also pretty cool to see that I showed up in one snippet. I had blogged that I gave a testimony about my journey to WEC (see Answer the Call I) back at Thanksgiving. I know my daughter Maddie got a kick out of seeing her daddy in the video ("Hey daddy, that's you up there!"). Pretty neat. Neater still is the chance that I had to step up for WEC and "Answer the Call". Perhaps, just perhaps, that effort helped some folks along in their journeys.