Friday, December 26, 2008

Nailed to the Cross

Several years ago at an Easter service at Central Methodist Church in Athens, OH, vivid reminders, in the form of long metal spikes, were given to each of us attending the service. The point was to fully understand and appreciate what Jesus Christ endured for each of us. He withstood the physical torture, he withstood the harsh, vindictive, and hateful words, and he withstood those closest to him denying his name. If that was not enough, he allowed himself to be arrested and murdered. He allowed his own people to reject him and hang him on a cross to die in one of the most inhumane ways man has ever dreamed up to kill their own kind. Long metal spikes were pounded through his hands and feet that day at Golgotha to affix him to that cross, followed by long hours of unimaginably excruciating pain. He did this for you and he did this for me. In this time of year, remember what Christmas is really about. Certainly take the time to celebrate your family and friends, exchange gifts, go to social functions, but be certain to find some quiet time to put Jesus Christ foremost in your thoughts, foremost in your mind. Giving him some leftovers just before you fall asleep, is never good enough, especially now. Remember what this is all about and honor him with your thoughts and prayers. I keep that spike on my desk where, from time to time, it serves to remind me of the truth.