Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hold On

What do you hold onto? Are there things that mean so much to you that you can never let them go? Memories, gifts, scents, photographs, money? Some things that we lock onto can lead to our undoing, they can be the taproot for sin to seep into all corners of our life. Other things can keep us connected closely to those we love and can strengthen our spirit.

When I came back to Virginia a couple of years ago and moved into my new office, my daughter drew a picture on my whiteboard of the two of us standing together under a colorful umbrella. The drawing is still there to this day. It really symbolizes our strength and unity together - always standing side by side. Our bond is a shield that protects us from the slings and arrows of the outside world. We know that we always have each other to lean on in times of trouble - always have the other to laugh with in times of joy. Her drawing remains as colorful and vibrant today as when it was drawn. Time has not overshadowed its message. What do you hold onto? Things that bring light into your world or things that bring in darkness?