Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My First Christmas

The preacher and his family were driving past a ubiquitous nativity setup the other day. He asked his kids who was in the manger, a check on their understanding of the real meaning behind the entire Christmas season. With excitement they answered, "the baby Moses!". This conversation was the basis for his message the following week, namely, who's in the manger? Do we really understand what this season is all about, or more properly, who this season is all about? As for me, I have just now started to figure it out. So much so that I believe that this Christmas will be my first real Christmas, the first where I understand what it truly represents, the person that we are supposed to be focussing on and giving glory to. That person is Jesus Christ, and the Christmas season is an opportunity for us to celebrate his birth, how he lived his life, and how he died for us as the perfect sin offering.

Going through my life, there have been a number of seasons of Christmas.

  • Childhood: It was all about me and my love for presents.
  • College: The hustle and bustle with exams and then decompressing and relaxing before the start of the next semester.
  • Marriage: Focussing on the needs of my wife and daughter, dealing with family commitments. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the obligations and the frenetic pace.

Each of these different seasons was marked by a unique brand of selfishness and a misplaced focus. This year I celebrate my first Christmas, focussed on my Lord and Savior.