Monday, August 31, 2015

Make Ur Move

A pastor friend of mine wrote a blog on the difference between joy and happiness. He closed his piece with the question, "Do you have joy or happiness?" My reply to him was, "I haven't held joy or happiness in such a long time that I am often discouraged and focus on the negative." It was kind of a depressing answer, but I felt like his question as directed to me was moot. Both joy and happiness have been away from me for far too long. They have become absolute strangers to me.

I find that when I go through the valleys of life, I can easily become inured to feeling hopeless. The farther along the road of hopelessness I travel, the more I come to feel like the things that bring joy and happiness to others are just not meant for me. Some people are kings, some are professional athletes, and some entertainers of some reknown. While I recognize the reality that these folks exist, I also at the same time realize that I will never count myself in their numbers. It is much the same with me seeing joy and happiness mark the lives of others. I recognize that it exists, but it is something that I will never have.

Yet somewhere within me I recognize that on the merry-go-round of life, you have to get off at some point. The ride will last longer, be the more memorable, and a lot more enjoyable if you only reach out and pluck the brass ring from its holder. Said another way, 100% of dreams that are not addressed with intention will end as dust. So, when that brass ring of opportunity does come my way I pray that:
  1. I will recognize it.
  2. I will make my move.
  3. I will savor success if it comes, but I will enjoy satisfaction in failure if I gave it my best shot.