Monday, August 10, 2015

Absurdities 3

I have a lingering collection of things that I have stumbled across in my travels and daily life that have made me laugh or shake my head whilst uttering expressions such as, "What has this world come to?". In this series I share the absurdities with you. Enjoy.
  • At my workplace they have erected what I can only assume is a stockade in which to toss workers who say anything negative about management. Notice the menacing row of barbed wire across the top.
  • In a secure area at work sits a box with the flagrant warning, "DO NOT WRITE ON THIS END." I don't know about you, but something in me wants to go find a Sharpie-type marker ...
  • The book on the left is not about 60's style cooking and the one on the right says nothing about the Ministry of Silly Walks.
  • In my city we are big fans of Prince, the "Purple One". In fact, we let him name our streets. Here is a typical example of "The Street Formerly Known as Middle Ground Blvd."