Monday, June 22, 2015


Being a parent is a singular responsibility that too many folks enter into without even the slightest consideration of what they will be in for once the blessed event occurs. Certainly that was the case for me as I was just savoring being with the woman that I loved. The first thing that comes into view in this regard only a few short weeks after conception is the non-trivial financial responsibility that you are now suddenly on the hook for. Experts estimate that the cost to raise a child today is about $250,000. Thankfully that hit is spread out over 20 or so years. However, setting aside the dollars and cents issue, parents with even only a small taste of experience will universally recognize that raising a child gives rise to countless moments that will take your breath away.

Sometimes this gasping for air is associated with the greatest joys that life can provide. Moments that you wish would never end and never fade, that you somehow wish you could bottle up and savor again at a later date. Moments that span an immensity of breadth and depth from the biggest of accomplishments to the smallest of gestures. These times bring joy and contentment and love that linger in our memories and our hearts. These memories sustain and enlift us through our days.

Sometimes the lack of air is associated with a kick to the stomach, periods of sickness and struggle that we are helpless to impact or affect. No hug or kiss can take away the hurt, no pill or treatment seems to bring comfort or peace. I have been enduring such a season now. All too often I have struggled with depression because I am absolutely helpless to bring relief or change. I have no words or magic that make an ounce of difference or have the power to even bring a smile. If I could take the burden and the condition upon myself I would, but life doesn't work that way.