Monday, May 11, 2015

On the Other Hand 3

One of my greatest personal struggles is that I tend to view the world through a negative lens. I am exploring avenues that might help me to reprogram my mind toward seeing things from a more positive vantage point.

Topic: Bruce Jenner's admission that he believes that he is actually a woman.

First thought:
For many years I have viewed Jenner as an absolute train wreck of a person. Someone who had reached his peak as an Olympic champion had resorted to tabloid headline grabs to extend his celebrity. An inane, purposeless celebrity. An absolute media whore who relied on his appearances on some nonsensical reality show whose producers push the show's headliners to act in the most bizarre, inhuman ways possible to titilate and shock and pull in the viewers to see what could happen next.

On the other hand:
Jenner kept himself in the public spotlight for about 10 years after his Olympic medal, cashing in on the public acclaim that he earned. Ultimately we learned that even before his star had faded, Jenner began taking hormones in 1980 to attempt to give him a more feminine appearance. He was a cross-dresser and actually thought that he was a female trapped in a man's body. Sure he played up his odd lifestyle for the cameras in his reality show to boost ratings, but he clearly has deep-seated psychological issues and has had them nearly his whole life. People like Jenner who have never been able to feel comfortable in their own skin should be pitied. Some in this state find a way to soldier on and deal with their issues under the cover of anonymity. Others must go through this horrible awkward struggle under the bright glare of the stage lights.