Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Classic Christianity

I just finished reading what may be termed a "classic" book, the best-selling devotional Classic Christianity by Bob George. In fact, the front cover of the book declares that it has sold over 600,000 copies. Numbers like this actually made me a bit edgy about reading it because my mind immediately wanted to dissect the book analytically, to critically examine its every nook and cranny. It was almost a challenge for me to approach my reading with a critical eye to see if this book was as worthy as it claimed. I had the same mindset when I read A Purpose-Drive Life by Rick Warren which claimed to have sold more than 30 million copies.

The subtitle of George's book really fits well to his main message, "Life's Too Short to Miss the Real Thing". Christians tend to fall into traps of routine, of false doctrine, of being led by folks of dubious intent, of legalism. If they can just get a whiff of what entering into a relationship with Jesus is really supposed to be all about, they might just begin to understand that their empty, patterned, rote religion, has something much better to offer.

This book is based on very sound exegesis and George's reasoned and sensible approach helps to provide comfort, reassurance, and insight into God's word. I would not say that this book particularly stands out among the dozens and dozens of other similar books in this genre. In fact, why this book should sell more copies than others of its ilk is likely due to the fact that George hosts a nationally syndicated radio call-in program. That is not meant to be a criticism, in fact, spreading the word about the Word is all that really matters and if this book helps then that is good thing. This book provided me an enjoyable daily devotional.