Thursday, July 24, 2014

In the News 2

I read through the news headlines on CNN the other morning as I usually do while eating my breakfast. Click ... scan ... click ... scan ... I stumbled across the following items:
  • Ebola epidemic is out of control
  • 20 kennel dogs die in baking heat
  • Jogger finds stolen baby in bushes
  • U.S. Navy sailor dies in parachute jump
  • Hospital delays are killing America's war veterans
One might say that news stories of this sort are about as everyday common as could be. Every day the headlines are composed of a litany of woe, suffering, war, destruction, famine, cruelty, death, injury, crime, and darkness. Yet over time we all seem to have become inured to such reports. What might have sparked outrage or empathy in the past, now merits nothing more than a shake of the head, a half-hearted utterance of "Such a shame", before we let our eyes dance down to the sports headlines or the latest celebrity news. Yet each click tells the story of someone's tragedy, someone's pain. Families losing mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters. Financial ruin. Untold suffering. Tears and hurt that will take months or years to get over or get past. Me, I seem to be more concerned with finishing up my cereal while finding something just to pass the time. Click ... scan ... click ... scan ...