Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It seems like yesterday that I posted my 1599th blog entry. Ahhh memories. Actually, it turns out that it was yesterday, so today must be post number 1600 at my humble site. Experts say that it usually takes about 1600 posts for a blog to really find its groove, to understand its pace, to appreciate who and what it is. They further claim that it is at this point that blogs typically sweep the nation by storm, right into the dustbin ... Be that as it may, it is true that I do like to take a moment to make a brief to-do whenever the number of one of my blog posts ends in double naught (i.e. 00). I do this not because I actually give a flyin' rip, but because I like to take a moment every now and then to thank my regular readers for stopping by. Your presence is much appreciated. See you on down the road in another 100 posts.