Thursday, June 12, 2014

Be Still

I love to listen to the sounds of life around me. Somehow, when I can be still enough to let them soak in, to allow myself space to appreciate them, these sounds actually seem to have healing powers for my spirit.

Birds chirping and singing, fluttering forth and back
    Squirrels digging and foraging in the landscaping
        The children next door playing games in their backyard
            Grown-ups across the fence puttering about in their garden
                Cars out on the highway coming and going

Sometimes we long to get away by ourselves to get a bit of peace and quiet. Oftentimes such periods of escape can help to quiet our minds from the day's strife and busyness. For me, one of my favorite places to get away without really going anywhere, is my back porch. In nice weather, I can often be found out there with my book or my crossword puzzle. When I can be still, it is then that the sounds can wash over me, which allows the concerns of the day to finally be quelled, at least for a moment.