Thursday, May 29, 2014


Do you know any of those folks at your workplace whose calendars are filled with meetings from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they head home? They scurry from meeting room to meeting room, can't be late, got to hustle. Yet some of these same folks never say much of anything or contribute anything of great value. They fool themselves into believing that they are making an impact at their jobs because they are so busy. They equate being busy with productivity. Yet a quick observation of these meeting dwellers reveals a very different conclusion. They do little more than take up space and utilize the group's limited resources without any real payout. All sound and fury, signifying nothing.

I think this is a problem for many of us in our everyday lives. We have schedules filled from sun up to sun down with plans and activities, so we equate that with making a difference. Yet much of what we devote our time and energy to is simply filler. If we could somehow gain some perspective by observing the difference that we are making or the impact that we are having within our families, we would find that our efforts might not add up to anything of lasting value.

All of our comings and goings take away time from more important things like being present for our spouse or spending some quality time with our kids. How often do we feel the urge to take care of chores on our to-do lists that could just as easily be consolidated or shifted to a time that has less of an impact on our family life? Sure some chores and activities are required to keep a home churning along. However, my old pastor used to often say, sometimes you have to cut away the good to make room for the great. Maybe letting those dishes sit in the sink until morning might allow you to sit with your wife and talk about your day. Maybe putting off the yard work until tomorrow might give you the chance to sit with your son or daughter and get to see their world with just a little more understanding. We are busy, but what are we so busy at? Does it really matter?