Friday, May 30, 2014


I just finished reading the book Adrenaline by author Jeff Abbott. This story focuses on Sam Capra, a young CIA agent who is part of a special undercover counter-terrorism group based in London. Sam has been chasing an elusive man known to be helping fund a number of clandestine groups working against U.S. interests. One morning Sam receives an urgent phone call from his pregnant wife Lucy, who is also a CIA agent, begging him to leave his office immediately. As soon as he walks outside, an explosion levels the building and Sam glimpses his wife driving away with a man he has never seen before. Sam then falls under immediate suspicion and is tortured for information by his superiors who have labeled him a traitor against his country. Immediately his entire world unravels and in his fog of confusion his begins to focus his mind on how to find his wife and child.

In time the CIA learns nothing from Sam and he is brought back to the states, where he is monitored very closely, not only by the CIA, but also by several other mysterious groups. One of which is related to a criminal syndicate group known as Novem Soles and the other is a group known as the Round Table whose main purpose seems to be to help people. Over a period of a few months Sam lulls his CIA watchers into inattention and he engineers a plan to slip from their watch back to Europe. On his journey he meets a lady named Mila, who is part of the mysterious Round Table group. She offers him money, support, and protection to help find his family if he will lend his expertise to find the kidnapped daughter of a major international business tycoon. Ultimately we learn that this tycoon isn't the loving father that he appears to be and that he is playing with fire in his involvement with both Novem Soles and the Round Table. As Sam works to rescue the tycoon's daughter, he soon learns that the group that kidnapped her was also responsible for taking his wife. It also appears from all evidence that Lucy is not who Sam thought she was.

This book is a fast-paced thriller from start to finish. The villians are dark, shady, and brutal individuals. Kill or be killed. The low-level thugs are, however, well developed characters that are not just literature cut-outs. Their high-level masters have much more than a quick buck on their minds, and their plans are rooted in power and control of the world. A very enjoyable story that follows on in The Last Minute, where Sam continues on his mission to rescue his son.