Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blog Recap 2013

It has become my tradition at the end of each year to look back over my posts for the past 12 months and pick out my 10 favorites. Actually, most often the posts that I choose to put on these lists are not so much the best composed from a technical standpoint, but the most memorable to me. Something silly that gave me a laugh when I desperately needed one or allowed me to explore a topic that was uncomfortable or forced me to take a risk that I might otherwise not have or gave me an opportunity to capture a memory so that it didn't get away entirely.

I began this blog back in 2008 when I felt that I was at the end of my line. Back in those days I wrote chiefly for myself. Blogging was an activity that allowed me to put my mind to something that helped to dispel the darkness. Today, I hope that something of what I have to say might somehow help others. Maybe I give you a chuckle or express something that helps you to better understand yourself. My greatest hope is that every once in a while I can, in some small way, help to heal someone and bring some measure of resolve to give it a go for one more day.

So, without further ado, here is my top 10 list of my own blogs (in no particular order) for 2013.
  • Inside - Outside (Dec. 11) - About being on the outside and looking in.
  • Silver Frame (Nov. 26) - A tribute to my daughter and missing the younger version of her.
  • A Tisket a Tasket (Oct. 10) - A gift that still gives.
  • Rolls and Drones (Oct. 9) - An apology to a friend insulted.
  • One Last Hug (Sep. 26) - About embracing the present before it becomes the past.
  • Starry Sky (Sep. 18) - Feeling small and finding a way through.
  • Interview (Jun. 24) - A sit down with my friend Kai.
  • Terminus (May 30) - A final goodbye to a piece of my heart.
  • Replay (May 13) - The blessed memories in the mess.
  • Nightmares (Jan. 10) - About losing sleep over things are out of your control.
I hope that you found some value here and thanks for supporting me through this site. I so appreciate the visitors. See you in the 2014 recap.