Friday, August 24, 2012

The Kingdom

The final book in Bryan Litfin's Chiveis trilogy is entitled The Kingdom. This part of the story picks up on the heels of the second book The Gift. Through a very trying and painful set of trials and ordeals, our intrepid heroes, Teo and Ana of the kingdom of Chiveis, have at last recovered the New Testament of the Bible of Christendom. These stories and teachings had been lost for hundreds of years due to the actions of dark and powerful forces. Those who had been seeking Deus have finally started to understand who the suffering servant was and that he was one and the same with the triumphant king. The second great commission begins to move out from Rome into the surrounding kingdoms. Yet unspeakable suffering is being plotted against all who call on the name of the God of the ancients.

Teo and Ana, now with a version of the complete Bible translated into their native tongue, begin to travel back to their homeland. A return that should be marked by victory and hope is overshadowed by a powerful alliance of followers of the underworld god Astrebril. The armies of darkness have been marshalled in direct response to the growing threat posed by those who follow Deus. New believers are being welcomed into the ranks of the blessed and the numbers are becoming too large to discretely handle. A final showdown is inevitable, but despite the seemingly hopeless odds of the believers, their triumph is assured.

This was a very enjoyable series to spend time with. I thank my online friend Bill at Cycleguy's Spin for the suggestion to read this trilogy. It was very interesting to consider this version of a futuristic Earth and to travel with these compelling protagonists as they learned to trust a God they were only just getting to know.