Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Gift

The Gift is the second book in the Chiveis triology of author and theologian Bryan Litfin. This series takes place in the 25th century after a deadly virus and a deadlier all-out nuclear war has effectively erased most of humanity from the Earth. Now the world consists of small feudal kingdoms and essentially all of what we would term modern technology and culture has vanished. It is in this world that a captain from the kingdom of Chiveis meets a beautiful farm girl. Together Teo and Ana discover an ancient copy of the Old Testament and begin to form a deep and rich relationship with each other and with a god so different and wonderful compared to the dark and vengeful gods that they have been threatened with their entire lives. At the end of the first book in the series, The Sword, Teo and Ana are forced to flee Chiveis for their lives as the high priestess of Astrebril sought to consolidate her power by eradicating any vestige of this new cult from her lands.

Teo and Ana made their way across a brutal and harsh mountain glacier to a neighboring kingdom. There they met up with a scouting party of soldiers seeking to keep marauding bandits out of their lands. Teo, a highly trained soldier is welcomed into the midsts of the army and Ana serves by preparing meals. During this time, Teo and Ana struggle to find their way with a new religion, away from the people and the structure that they know. It is not easy for them, but they continue to grow in their faith. Eventually Teo locates a secret route that the raiders are using to access the city and he and Ana are brought to the king. The beautiful Ana is made a part of high society. Teo is relegated to the lower class role of a teacher. In this period, Ana becomes enamoured with her new lifestyle and loses focus on who she is and her relationship with God. Teo, does his best to respect Ana and continues to protect her from within the shadows.

As Teo bides his time, he uncovers the path that God has prepared for him. He is to journey to the new Rome to locate a copy of a rumored New Testament of Christianity. However, there are powerful agents who view this old religion as a curse and a plague that must be mercilessly erased at all costs. Teo is torn between protecting his beloved Ana and following the path of his destiny. Here, Litfin weaves a good tale of restoration, courage, victory ... and, yes, love. Teo and Ana still have a long road ahead of them, but they are committed to following the one true God. Now, onto the last part of the trilogy, The Kingdom.