Thursday, May 24, 2012

On the Other Hand 1

One of my greatest personal struggles is that I tend to view the world through a negative lens. I am exploring avenues that might help me to reprogram my mind toward viewing the world from a more positive vantage point.

Topic: Church leaders who rely on "image" consultants to form their opinions and their action plans.

First thought: To me this just smacks of pandering to the masses regardless of where it leads. People need to be given clear direction from the word of God, not be spoon-fed feel-good drivel just to keep them coming back to the church so that the money needed to fund the salaries and the bills (including the enormous mortgage) can be collected. Image consultants promote a phony approach that necessarily relies on style over substance. It feels to me like a crutch for the insecure and Godless. Not to mention that these snake charmers don't come cheaply.

On the other hand: Just like there are good lawyers in addition to the ambulance chasers, and honest, hard-working politicians in addition to the sex-crazed, corrupt, power-hungry rats, there are honest and Godly image consultants out there as well. If an experienced servant of God can pass on wisdom to make a church atmosphere more welcoming, more inviting, and more alive, why shouldn't we at least consider this type of service? Sometimes an outsider who has seen what works and what does not, can make suggestions that really do tear down walls and remove roadblocks for people to get to know God, especially when a church finds that something in their approach just is not working. Furthermore, church leaders who prayerfully and humbly elicit suggestions and advice for improving their work should be commended, not beaten down for trying to make their church one that brings people in and helps them get to know God.

So, I think that I have provided a few things that bear serious consideration. Hopefully now that I have planted some positive seeds, I won't immediately jump to a negative conclusion when I hear of churches that rely on such image consultants. What do you think?